Engineering Solution


Process / Equipment

We provide world-leading technology for the Process Engineering industry and provide equipment design solutions for exchangers, separators, Pressure vessels, etc. We always keep a watch on the technology trend so can provide more advanced technology such as Green Energy Systems. Our business is not limited to providing the solution to clients. We can connect our clients with high-reputation companies in this business which have cutting-edge technologies providing valuable consulting business.

Facility / Safety

Risk management is important in industry, preventing unexpected accident and economic losses. UIT provides solutions what functional safety for ISO/IEC certify, corrosion, flare and explosion etc. Future in risk management, You can predict risk and you can discuss operation plans at industrial field.



Material industry is a fundamental part of the industry as a whole, and UIT provides material modeling solutions as well. UIT provide scale-specific modeling solutions such as atomics, nanoscale, and microscale, also enable modeling using various method based such as ab initio, CALPHAD, and phase field. You can save time and cost by using some this.


The battery industry is attracting a lot of attention due to its high utilization in various industries as a means of achieving carbon neutrality as well as electrification and wireless which are trends for future industry development. It is in the limelight as a key power source in various industries, and its representative applications include electric vehicles, energy storage systems (ESS), smartphones, satellites, solar cells, ships, and wireless home appliances, etc. in which charging/discharging are required. We provide solution regarding battery modeling & simulation important for battery system development, making it possible to provide our customers with suitable cell data, reports, and cell models throughout all stages from cell design study to cell specification and development and helping them to be incorporated in a flexible way in the composition and development of modules and packages even after cell development.


Power Generation

The power generation industry generates profits by supplying electricity to the power supply grid by converting various energy sources, such as fossil fuels, nuclear power, clean resources, etc., into electrical energy. Technological solutions are indispensable for both efficient and safe electricity production and operation of power plants according to a judgment on whether they are environmentally friendly and economically viable compared to fuel inputs, whether unit prices for the construction and operation of the power plants are proper, etc. In the power generation industry, we supply our customers with various technologies required in all procedures for power plants from their design to operation, such as conceptual design, detailed design, off-design, operational data analysis, predictive diagnosis, device lifecycle prediction, economic performance analysis, etc. We also provide our customers with the OTS (Operator Training Simulator) for training on the operation of power plants and solution for the mechanical design of turbines and boilers.


The machinery industry is a capital goods industry that supplies production facilities to manufacturing, such as automobiles, shipbuilding, steel, semiconductors, etc., showing that it is the core foundation of entire industries. It has a wide range of applications, such as turbine manufacturing, hydraulic equipment, pump and compressor manufacturing, industrial trucks, elevator handling equipment manufacturing, office machinery and equipment manufacturing, etc. in relation to internal combustion engines and rotating machines for downstream industries such as automobiles, plants, etc. We provide integrated CAE/CAM solutions for turbomachinery and develop and supply solutions for the design and performance analysis of gas turbine systems generally used in aviation and power generation sectors. In addition, we provide our customers with solution capable of performing the basic design and performance evaluation for compressors, turbines, etc. in gas turbines.